Exotic Car Transport has specialized in enclosed auto transport for over 20 years, serving manufactuers', dealers, collectors, and owners of fine automobiles. Trusted by the big names in the entertainment, sports, and the auto industry, Exotic Car Transport has earned the trust of the professionals as well as the individual by providing the highest quality service coupled with the most advanced enclosed auto transport equipment available. Whether you are transporting your million dollar exotic or your family's station wagon, Exotic Car Transport build's it's own State-of-the-Art trailers which are acknowledged to be the most advanced systems for safety and securely transporting todays sophisticated automobiles. The same technology has also been proven to be the best choice for antiques as well. No matter which class or type of automobile you own, Exotic Car Transport is the right choice for your transport needs!

At Driving Emotions, we are dedicated to providing only the best transport companies in the industry for your new vehicle from us. We pride ourselves in knowing that when a vehicle leaves our facility, it arrives in the same impeccable condition that it left in. Enclosed Vehicle Transport provides the ideal method for automobile transportation. Before the loading and transportation procedure begins, your automobile is thoroughly inspected by the licensed and insured driver. You will be given a signed copy of the Automobile Condition Report at delivery. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have documentation of the condition of your automobile while it is under the care of the highly trained and knowledgeable shipper.