Kleemann’s history reaches almost twentyfive years back to 1985 when the company was founded in Farum, close to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Despite the company’s relative young age the history is captive and interesting, from its first days as a two-man company to its present stance as one of the world leaders in its specific field of expertise.

In 1985 two enthusiastic young men turned their passion into their living when they established a company that specialized in the design and manufacture of exclusive tuning and styling solutions for Mercedes-Benz Automobiles. In 1988 the construction of the first Kleemann Kompressor System began for a selected group of customers. This was the beginning of a new era, the development of Kompressor systems as the most effective tuning solution for Mercedes-Benz.

In 1994, with the entry of a joint owner, Kleemann A/S began to mass produce its highly effective Kompressor systems. Constant development and use of cutting edge technology had given the company the know-how and expertise needed to do so and today Kleemann has become one of the world leaders in this specific field.

Today Kleemann furthermore offers a comprehensive line of tuning as well as styling products for Mercedes-Benz and AMG owners. Common for them all is unparallel quality, elegance and independent advisory services for the benefit for all our customers. 

Our philosophy is simple, but very important. A Kleemann upgrade will raise the performance of your Mercedes-Benz or AMG to another level, and our design will refine the appearance of the car significantly while still honouring the lines and shapes of the original vehicle. Our goal is to enhance the best qualities of Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars, and even a full Kleemann conversion performed on a top-of-the-line model will never compromise style, safety or reliability. The combination of tremendous performance and everyday driveability that provides both joy in ownership and intense driving pleasure to our clients all over the world is what characterises a Kleemann car. 
It is a phenomenon that we call Comfort Power! 

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We look forward to welcome you as a Kleemann customer.